Myeloid Centric cDC1 Bias

Archetype Feature Distributions
Tcells  Myeloid  Stromal  Treg   CD4 Tcells   CD8 Tcells Monocytes  Macrophages  cDC2 cDC1
Low Variable High Variable Variable Variable Low Low Very High High


Potential Origin of this Archetype

Immune Priveleged tissue, Myeloid, stromal, ECM axis, Sustained by IL10 and Steroid signalling

Archetype Tumor transcriptomic program

ER Stress (ATF3), Estrogen signalling

Archetype Chemokines Expressed


Archetype Immune Transcriptomic Programs

High in Ag-Presentation/Co-Stim, High DC3

Immune Archetype Gene Signature

Table of Archetype Feature Scores

Table of Archetype FEATURE flow Populations    

Table of Archetype non feature flow Populations

Histology Abbreviations

ADC = Adenocarcinoma NOS    PSC = Papillary  Serous Cystadenocarcinoma   C = Carcinoma NOS  MCC = Merkel Cell Carcinoma NOS  ACC = Acinic Cell Carcinoma    EA = Endometriod Adenocarcinoma NET = Neuroendocrine Tumor  GST = Gastrointestinal stroma tumor

SampleGenderRaceEthnicityBMIAgeT StageN StageM StageGradeHistologyTumor typeExtraction Site
IPICRC040.T2FemaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino22.6668400G2: Moderately differentiated (intermediate grade)ADCRegional Recurrenceright colon
IPICRC079.T1MaleAsianNon Hispanic or Latino31.774120G1: Well differentiated (low grade)GSTPrimaryduodenum
IPICRC093.T1MaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino25.245120G2: Moderately differentiated (intermediate grade)ADCPrimaryrectum
IPIGYN003.T1FemaleOtherHispanic or Latino24631aXG2: Moderately differentiated (intermediate grade)EAPrimaryendometrium
IPIGYN078.T1FemaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino33.06691bXNot AvailableEAPrimaryuterus
IPIGYN087.T1FemaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino25411a0G2: Moderately differentiated (intermediate grade)ADCPrimaryovary
IPIGYN124.T1FemaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino24793cXG3: Poorly differentiated (high grade)PSCPrimary
IPIHNSC078.T1FemaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino25.857300G3: Poorly differentiated (high grade)ACCPrimarymajor salivary gland
IPIKID097.T1FemaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino26443a11Not AvailableOtherleft kidney
IPILUNG021.T1FemaleAsianNon Hispanic or Latino27691b0G2: Moderately differentiated (intermediate grade)ADCPrimarylower lobe of right lung
IPIMEL113.T1FemaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino24891a1a0Not AvailableMCCMetastasis groin
IPIMEL271.T1MaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino2765X21cNot AvailableNevi & MelanomasMetastasisright axilla
IPIPDAC037.T1MaleWhiteHispanic or Latino246431G2: Moderately differentiated (intermediate grade)ADCPrimaryPancreas
IPIPNET014.T1FemaleOtherNon Hispanic or Latino236121G1: Well differentiated (low grade)NETPrimaryPancreas
IPIPNET016.T1FemaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino295920G1: Well differentiated (low grade)CPrimary