Tcell Centric DC Rich

Archetype Feature Distributions
Tcells  Myeloid  Stromal  Treg   CD4 Tcells   CD8 Tcells Monocytes  Macrophages  cDC2 cDC1
High Low Low Varibale Very High Low High Low Very High Very High


Potential Origin of this Archetype

Lymph node establishment, Tertiary Lymphoid  Structures (TLSs), DCs, Conventional CD4 Tcells, B Cells Axis, Sustained by CCL28 signalling

Archetype Tumor transcriptomic program

Nervous system, Metastasis

Archetype Chemokines Expressed

CCL28, CCR10

Archetype Immune Transcriptomic Programs

High in B cells, High in DCs, High in Ag-Presentation/Co-Stim


Table of Archetype flow Populations      Immune Archetype Gene Signature      Table of Archetype Feature Scores


Histology Abbreviations

ADC = Adenocarcinoma NOS   HC = Hepatocellular Carcinoma, NOS

SampleGenderRaceEthnicityBMIAgeT StageN StageM StageGradeHistologyTumor typeExtraction Site
IPIHEP016.T1MaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino22263b1XNot AvailableHCMetastasisliver
IPILUNG030.T2FemaleOtherNon Hispanic or Latino39611b0G3: Poorly differentiated (high grade)ADCPrimary
IPIMEL069.T1MaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino2048130Not AvailableNevi & MelanomasMetastasisleft groin
IPIMEL273.T1MaleWhiteNon Hispanic or Latino393322a0Not AvailableNot AvailableMetastasisLeft axilla
IPIMEL288.T1MaleOtherHispanic or Latino3146300Not AvailableNot AvailableMetastasisright axillary
IPIMEL298.T1FemaleNot ReportedNon Hispanic or Latino2559XX1bNot AvailableNot AvailablePrimaryRight groin soft tissue